No tooth, No problem

My Warrior returned home from class this morning with a missing filling. Just fell right out. While this happens to everyone I am sure, one problem with this one is that it left very little tooth. One side was down to the gum and what’s left over the root is quite thin.


But that’s not the biggest problem.


When he dialed up the trusty dental clinic, explaining that he cannot eat without pain he is told:


“Chew on the other side.”


And my personal favorite:


“You are lucky, there is a cancelation on October 14th or you would have to wait until December.”


No immediately getting him seen so he can eat. No concern about the wait. No offer to refer to a civilian dentist. What average disabled Warrior has the available cash for an emergency dental appointment? That’s right, they don’t.


But it’s okay.


We appreciate your service.


5 thoughts on “No tooth, No problem

  1. You are about to embark on the most confusing mission in your life. VA is going to lie, obfuscate, misinform you and “disremember” to tell you things you need to know. Your husband has been used like a diaper and now the VA will attempt to give him the bare minimum to keep the bitching down to a dull roar.
    After fighting with them over dental. I now show up @ 0700 at VA American Lake Dental Clinic unannounced when my fillings fall out. They have a dentist for tiage even if they fail to mention it to you. Think Sick Call. Next, ask for an outside repair even if you live less than the magic 40 miles away. I finally forced them into it when it took a dentist and his trusty helper almost one and a half hours to discuss the Seahawks and fill two minor cavities (that fell out). I waited a year for the appointment with tow cancellations because dentists “moved on”. My suggestion is to Call Bob, our new VASEC if you have a major problem. It worked for me. Twenty years of litigation and I’m five years away from the Last Roundup.They wanted to begin a new fight over SMC-S.


    • Its been an ongoing battle, one screw up after another. I was his caregiver for three years before anyone said “hey do you know about the caregiver program?” It cause so much stress and distress that its really hard not to stay angry.

      Did NOT know about a dentist in triage…that is interesting and good to know! Thank you for that information.

      Now onto the appeals process for rejected claims…


      • That, my dear, is where we excel at Asknod. We have 150 who have come and won. We know all the tricks they use. We have attorneys who counsel us pro bono. We have 8 years of Appeals knowledge all the way to the Fed. Circus and back. I pride myself on knowing we always get what we have coming to us even if it takes 8 years. It took me 20 to figure it out.

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  2. Welcome to Asknod. I’ve written about the new VA-sponsored dental plans. Here’s one link: You can use the search term “dental” to find other posts and advice from members in comments. It has been reported to plans similar to Tricare’s.
    My old Marine started out with the Delta plan that’s under $10 a month but we’ve added VA Met Life at $45 and will drop the Delta after the year contract. Your vet will will have to pay 50% for a filling with the cheapest plan but will get 2 cleanings and exams free.
    Here’s the VA site.

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