It’s A Throat Punching Kind Of Day



This statement above cannot over-emphasize the extent of my discomfort with the VA.

Last week was a bad week. When the Warrior struggles, the Caregiver struggles. There is not much that can help that situation but time but it can wear you the hell down, that’s for sure. While my TO DO list contains a number of items, the reality of my situation is that I am lucky to get a couple of things done well and stuff just gets pushed back until that’s the thing I do that later day. For the last two hours I have been on eBenefits trying to upload three letters to ask for reopening and increase on three separate issues that my Warrior has been consistently trying to get taken care of.

Here is the thing: its hard not to get angry. Aside from the fact that you are “acknowledged but not compensated” on almost EVERY SINGLE ITEM, the length of time they take to get back to you in regards to those items is just RIDICULOUS. We had already waited a year for a decision and on two items we received “acknowledgement” of them but that they couldn’t find information supporting them in the records.

The records that were under a year old.

From the doctor that then had to write a letter explaining to them in detail where it was in the records.

A letter it took me two hours to finally get uploaded and I am not entirely sure it’s in the right place.

Let me take a moment to explain that I am not an idiot. Seriously. I am not computer illiterate. My struggle with the eBenefits site is that it is not really user friendly and how you actually accomplish something constantly changes. I am not sure what prompts those changes but when I log on to help with something and the location of it or process for it has been altered, it’s a little frustrating.  Then, rarely does anything go through the first time.  It may take five or six passes for any submission to go through completely.  Then the one thing they do consistently is send you an auto email stating you submitted a claim and you have 365 days to provide information for it before they will close it.  Every time you hit the submit button, even when it doesn’t go through.  EVERY TIME.  Now imagine you are a Warrior without a Caregiver or a Warrior/Caregiver pair with limited computer skills?

It’s not fair.

I think that sometimes we can all sound like tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorists but its really hard to not feel completely insane when it seems like THEY ARE MAKING IT HARDER FOR YOU ON PURPOSE TO GET WHAT YOU ARE ENTITLED TO. I can only assume that is so they don’t have to make payment for service related issues? What other possible reason could there be to make it so hard that you want to throw the computer across the room and just give up all together?

Or throat punch someone.

Why don’t I just go in to see someone? It’s just not that easy. Truthfully, as janky as the site can be, its far superior to me actually being able to throat punch someone.

Mostly because I don’t want to go to jail. I wouldn’t do well in jail.  Also, I am resoundingly against violence as an answer for anything.

Any bets on how long it takes them to make a decision on those items uploaded today? I am going to guess about six months because I like to think optimistically.

Today anyway.


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