This is dedicated to all the Shieldmaidens out there. Instead of viewing my life of caregiving as a burden or problem to solve, I prefer to look at it as my place on the battlefield. I fight, side by side, with my Warrior. I am bruised but not broken. I am the shield that holds back the fires of the world.

I am good at what I do.*

As a multi-year NaNoWriMo – er, I obviously enjoy a good challenge!  When I get ready to start, I choose a new genre to write every year.  That may seem strange (it probably is) but it keeps my brain thinking up new things and making connections better than it did the couple of months preceding November each year.  In 2013, I decided to make my 30 day novel a little more personal.  As a caregiver and a life long Army brat, when I see movies or read books about the experience, I constantly feel as though the culture and problems we face are never accurately depicted.  With that in mind, I jumped into the world of the military action/drama.

No big deal right?

I didn’t realize that the process would serve to be as therapeutic as it did.  In finishing the book, I also realized I haven’t really found a place where I felt I could bond; get support and solutions from other caregivers.  There are a lot of forums but none have really fit me so far.

So here I am.

Not everyone has access to a support group in their area or feels comfortable in one. I am hoping my journey in some way can help others and maybe we can share ways we handled situations in an effort to learn something new. My dream is that we create something better, something bigger and help those that come behind us not have to suffer in the ways many of us have.
















*most days






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