What A Year

I have sat down a million times to write my thoughts down since the election.  Some how, I still can not find the words.


I spent much of the month of November crying and much of the time since has become a blur of lies, stress and concern for the direction of our nation.  My Veteran is increasingly resistant to even leaving the house for fear of an argument with a Nazi that results in him getting arrested.  No matter your political affiliation, if you don’t have serious reservations about the direction of this Administration, then I can’t help you because you are already that lost.


Once the symptoms had progressed for my Veteran so much that we were cancelling any public events or interactions for him, I was able to get him into another outpatient program.  Sadly, along with the current Administrations belief that privatization will solve everything, he was placed in a facility that had very few Veterans.  The bulk of the group were people with a variety of addictions that eventually caused a strain on the class and security issues.  He was unable to complete the program.


Since then, it has been varying scenarios of the same nature.  He can not watch the news, he doesn’t trust one single person in Congress to do what is right any more and he would rather not live here.  Since we haven’t won the lottery, what are our options?


I hope that each of you are finding better ways to cope.  Is there something that helps most?  Have you had to change your life radically?


I hope you are finding peace while we are looking for it too.


Caregiver Study

CG Flyer 1 New-2

I went through the interview process for this study and wanted to share the information with you guys.  This is a study specific to Caregivers of those with Traumatic Brain Injury after 10/2001.  This information will be used to inform Congress and will last up to 15 years.  They are still trying to enroll the 600 caregivers they need.  If you are interested, please get in touch with them.

I understand better than anyone that we all already have too much on our hands but this is information that our country’s leaders need to get and digest.  It is an opportunity to let them know what is working and more importantly, what is NOT working.  I think its worth the effort!